Monday, March 30, 2015

Welcome to, By Any Design Ltd. & John Whipple's pages

It can be hard to navigate the mountain of online data I have uploaded over the years and this welcome page is going to try and fix that problem.  The info and pictures I upload have been many and often, I have tried to do this a lot, what I have not done a good job of is organizing it.

So for my friends online, online clients and everyone else - this page should help you make sense of the info and save you some time searching for specific things.

The first thing you should do if you have all ready donated to my blog page is send me a message via Google+.  This way I can see your profile and add you to my friend list.  This will allow you to view more of the work albums and expand on many of the blog pages.

If you want to see my private albums there is a little box on the top right of each page that tells you how to do this.  If you want to call me or have me call you, you need to first pick a time frame and make a slightly larger donation.  It is best to send me a drawing of the space and a few pictures if you can.  This makes design the space easier and speeds things up.

I spent a lot of time writing online on various forums.  I stopped this a couple weeks back since debating with retired engineers and pretend builders is too much of a time waster.  If you can not afford a private call or $5.00 is to much of a donation you can find me answering question no charge on Garden Web.  I only answer a couple questions each day and the photos do not go into the same detail as I do with my private albums.  But it's something for nothing.

Thanks for stopping by.  This page will take some time to create so please bear with me....