Friday, May 16, 2014

THE SHOWER BONE YARD - Shower Drains & Bathroom Building Products: Discount Pricing (Shop Online and Save Big)

I have a growing collection of shower drains and bathroom building products.  Some might call me a pack rat.  I have spend the last few years of my life obsessing over different shower drainage options.  I have had many clients change their mind and booked jobs go another route.

Over the years I have ordered other drains to inspect them first hand. Test them and use them for show and tell.  These items are still of value - just not full price.  If you are looking for some deals, I hope you find them here.

It's time to clear house.  Out with the old so I'm going to sell these shower drains at deep discounted pricing.  The drains shown below are all mine.  They are all for sale.  If you want a new shower drain then you need to order one from ACO and you can do that right here on my blog page.  If any of the drains below look like what you need then click first since they are first come first serve.

The payment will be done via PayPal - you do not need a Pay Pal account to order through the links below.  Having a Pay Pal account is also acceptable.  Every Drain order will also receive a couple free Designer Pencils inside the drain.


'The Shower Fixture - Bone Yard'

Item # 05

Code: ACO#37234
Supplier: ACO
Grate Style: WAVE
Length: 150mm (5 7/8")

ACO  ShowerPoint: Sale Price $105.00 CDN - One Only

Price: $105.00 CDN - Buy Now 

Shipping: Free in Canada and the US

This drain is advertised on May 19, 2014 for $139.99 including shipping or available anywhere in North America to my knowledge.

Hit the Buy Now button and have this drain shipped out asap..... When paying for the drain you will be asked a shipping location.  Please send an email to if your require a signature upon delivery.  Thanks for shopping the Bone Yard!

Item # 06

Model: FLP12-120/240GA
UPC: 6 9867994541 0
Price: $50.00
Notes: Missing thermostat sensor but unused and never installed.  Price is for local orders only in Vancouver.


Item # 07

Code: PLD36
Supplier: Quick Drain USA
Grate Style: Horizontal
Length: 36"

Price: $375.00 CDN Shipping and Taxes Included

Shipping: Free in Canada