Monday, January 6, 2014 Articles on Bathroom Remoldeling - Thirty Seven Featured Idea Books written by John Whipple

I have written over three dozen Ideabooks or Bathroom Articles for on Bathroom Construction and Shower Design Planning.  From planning a shower's curb, bench or niche to choosing tile for a steam shower or bathtub.  These Ideabooks have loads of useful tips and insight from my many years of bathroom building.  I spent a lot of time on each subject and I hope the articles  help you plan some of the finer points to your bathroom renovation.

It's a lot to take in at once - it could take you upwards of three hours to read through all thirty-seven of them.  Here's the list - in no particular order….

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(Featured Ideabooks only)

Top Ten Most BookMarked Ideabooks are shown in Bold 

  1. How to Build a Better Shower Curb
  2. How to Design an Accessible Shower
  3. How to Settle on a Shower Bench
  4. How to pick a shower niche that's not stuck in a rut
  5. Light Up Mirrors offer bright design solutions
  6. Shower Lights bathe Bathrooms in Brightness
  7. How to match tile heights for a perfect installation
  8. How to choose tile for a steam shower
  9. How to choose tile for a bathtub
  10. 10 Tips for getting bathroom tile just right
  11. Top 10 tips for choosing shower tile
  12. 7 Ways to improve Bathroom Air Quality for Better Health
  13. Bath Design: Renew Body and Mind with Colorful light
  14. Covert your tub space to shower Part 1 - the planning phase
  15. Covert your tub space to shower Part 2 - the fixture shopping phase
  16. Covert your tub space to shower Part 3 - the tiling and grouting phase
  17. Covert your tub space to shower Part 4 - Waterproofing and Drainage
  18. Covert your tub space to shower Part 5 - Choosing Accessories
  19. Polish Your Bathroom's Look with wrapped tile
  20. Steam Showers Bring Beloved Spa Feature Home
  21. Get Steamy in the shower for spa time at home
  22. Why Marble might be wrong for your bathroom 
  23. Dreaming of a spa tub at home. Read this pro advice first
  24. 3 key steps for grouting that looks it's best
  25. 6 elements of perfect paint job
  26. transition time: How to connect tile and hardwood
  27. Finishing Touches: Pro tricks for installing fixtures in your tile
  28. Bath Remodeling: So, where to put the toilet
  29. 7 reasons why your shower floor squeaks
  30. Bathroom Tile: Loving the look of Ledge stone
  31. Epoxy vs Cement Grout - What's the difference?
  32. Bathroom Design: Getting the tile around the vanity just right
  33. Why bathroom floors need to move
  34. Bathroom Details: Show off your sink line
  35. Why to put your tub in the shower
  36. Out with the Old; 8 Steps to prep for demolition
  37. Bathroom Surfaces: Ceramic Tile Pros and Cons