Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Protecting vanities from water damage

When designing a barrier free shower it's easy to get caught up in the planning for the floors and framing.  There are however tones of other points that need to be reviewed.  The most critical are the electrical switches and electrical fixture locations but for this post I wanted to talk about vanities.

Floating vanities are a great option since they mount to the wall.  If your vanity is touching the tile floor there is a chance the vanity itself can get wet.  The worst thing I see happen on jobs is when the vanity wicks water up from the cut edges of the vanities toe kick or gable ends.

Take a look at this custom Vanity and the steps I specified to make sure the vanity would not wick water of the floor.

The metal strip is an aluminum flat bar stock.

This was a simple step to do to help ensure that water that hits the floor does not get to the bottom of the  wood and start wicking up.