Monday, February 25, 2013

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LED Lighting

From side lights, down lights and up-lights we have tried so many combo's over 
the years.  Here is a look at how I light up these spaces with LED lighting.
Light up mirrors, niches and linear drains...

LED Lighting Installations

There are over 350 pictures in this one photo album.  We just started a new light up mirror for my daughters bathroom and all the play by play pictures are up right now.


Our latest album covers some of my recommendations for Epoxy Grout installations

Installing a Quick Drain USA 
linear shower drain

I've installed dozens of Proline Drains.  Here is a look at all of them.
Subfloor upgrades and deflection issues are the biggest concerns with this type of drain.

Noble Seal TS
The King of all waterproofing membranes

Noble Seal TS - Photo Album

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