Friday, September 7, 2012

How to read the date code on Mapei setting materials (Kerabond etc.)

Mapei Kerabond
Reading the date code on Mapei's setting materials is usually pretty straight forward.  But for some reason the date code on Kerabond and many other products like Aquadefence is in fact a company code.  Mapei uses a Alpha Numeric code that tells them where and when it's made.  These codes are for internal use only and I was unable to get a complete list emailed to me when asked.  I did find out a few of them and will post as many as I can, as I learn what plants there are and what letter they use to label the product made there.

The other day I inquired at my supplier how to read these codes and they did not know.  I asked the yard man and he didn't know.  I inquired by text weeks back from my rep and never heard back (turns out the text never made it).  This morning I called Mapei's help line and was given the secret code and it is very straight forward.  If you know how Mapei labels their bags and buckets.

Thin-Set should not be purchased from any source where they do not move a lot of it.  Thin-set needs to be fresh and product should ideally be 1-3 months old.  6 months is iffy and 12 months is a total deal breaker.  Make sure you read these dates codes and ensure they are checked.  If the product does not have a date code look for another bag it might have been placed as a sticker and fallen off.

If you look at this picture below you will learn how to read the code.

Remember Mapei uses an Alpha Numeric coding system on some but not all of their setting material products.

How to read a Mapei Alpha Numeric Date Code

In this picture the Alpha Numeric Date code from Mapei is D14H204 503

To figure out the code you need to do this;

D = Vancouver
14 = Day of month
H = August
2 = 2012
04 = Batch number

503 = Still not sure.  Not even the help desk at Mapei knew what that meant.

Mapei produces product all around Canada and the US.  You can clearly see in the picture that this was made in Canada.  Personally I would have used a "V" for Vancouver but there must be some other system going on at Mapei head office.

Example: If this was made at Mapei's Brampton plant on the same day it would have had an "I" instead of a "D" so the date code would have been I14H2** ---  (** = what batch number they are working on)

Example: If this was made at Mapei's Laval plant on the same day it would have had an "L" instead of a "D" so the date code would have been L14H2** ---  (** = what batch number they are working on)

Some Mapei Plants have updated the bags
they use.  This type better than the paper
bags many Mapei products use.
Mapei -  Canadian Letter Codes for manufacturing plants

D = Vancouver (Delta), B.C.
I = Toronto (Brampton), Ontario
? = Calgary, Alberta
A = Laval, Quebec

Mapei -  American Letter Codes for manufacturing plants

L  = Fredericksburg, Virginia
S =  San Bernardino, California
E = South River, New Jersey
F = Ft. Lauderdale - (Deerfield Beach), Florida
G = Garland, Texas
C = Tempe, Arizona
J = West Chicago, Illinois
? = Caracas, Venezuela

The "H" code is for August. The letters are in ascending order so the month codes are as follows


the digit after the month is the last digit in the year.  "2" for 2012.

It is always best to use fresh setting materials so knowing how to check the code is key.  This product made on August 14, 2012 right here in Vancouver.  Can't get much fresher than that!

JUNE 26, 2013 - Date Code Checks

I looked up the date code on the Mapei Grani Rapid at it says
D12J0205 557
Best By Oct 122013

D=Delta (Vancouver, BC) the plant where it was made
12= the day of the month
02=year 2012
05 557 = the batch number and I think most likely the crew and inspector

Looking at this code and the Grani Liquids it seams that the alpha numeric codes change from 7-8 letters just to help confuse the situation.

The liquid for Grani Rapid was labelled

Fait Au/Made In CANADA
12 066

06=The Day
2= 2012
066=the crew or inspector I think

So really this liquid is past it's prime of one year.  The other liquids we found where even older.

Mapei Date Code Violations

I took these pictures this week.  Two days later the expired grout in the photos below was sold or removed from stock.  I would be sold since other expired products continue to sit on the shelves.
What if you bought all this white grout for your newly renovated shower and bathroom?

Picture Taken December 2014
North Vancouver, B.C.
Grout Made October 17, 2013

This product is 15 months old and 3 months past due.
The grout was made in Chicago, IL

Picture Taken December 2014
North Vancouver, B.C.
Keraply Admix made June 17, 2013

This product is 17 months old and 5 months past due.
The ad-mix was made in Chicago, IL